Interview Secrets Used By Interviewers To Accept Or Reject You At Interviews

Here are Interview Secrets Used By Interviewers To Accept Or Reject You At Interviews. Following these tips will help you to be given the job after interviews. This article would help you know the secrets used by interviewers to accept or reject you at interviews.


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Interviewers don’t take one-word answers lightly

In an interview room you are asked so many questions at a time which you are expected to answer them correctly. In an interview short and straight forward answers are not allowed.

When you give short or straight forward answers to the employer it shows you are shy and also you are not ready for the word you are applying for.

Example: When you asked if you gained any skills in your recent left job, don’t reply with ‘yes’ as the only response. Go on to explaining yourself on what skills those are, and how they added to your growth and output.

Best Tip: The more  you explain yourself, the better the chance of you acquiring the job!


The first 5 minutes and the last 5 are the most crucial

It is said that the first impressions says everything! Truly they are. Put a smile on your face when entering the interview room. The employer might not be in a good mood but the moment your put a smile on your face, He/she might tend to forget there was a problem.

Be bold, you must also dress decently and be free at entering the interview room. Remember you mustn’t be afraid of anything.

Getting to the end of the interview say in about 5 minutes to the end of the interview. Acknowledge by shaking hands with the interviewer(s), you can ask for their business cards if possible, same way you entered with a smile on your face come out same way and sum up the interview by saying a thanking to them for their team.

Be nice to your interviewer as a new friend you have made. You can wish them best of the day walk out with a smile on your face.


Believe that you are the best candidate for the Interview

Being bold and having a higher self esteem is important.

Always stay positive and don’t think you are there to compete with anyone. Just do you and feel free in doing it.

You should always have it mind that you are a winner.

If you have been ask to come for an interview by an interview, then its a very clear indication that you are close to  being among the winners. You are a well skilled person for the job.

It’s there you have to show to them yourself in the interview.

Never think of showing off to the interviewer that you are better than the other candidates and bare in mind pride always bring the down fall of a good person but rather prove that you are qualified to do the job, that you are best, and you will pass the interview!


Your personality is more important than your papers!

In an interview you will get to know that people who end up getting jobs are people who didn’t have all the papers required. At times, your personality is the best CV you can provide to the employer.

Are you of a good intention? Do you give good responses to the questions asked?

Are you promising the employer to give your best once you are given the job?

Impressing the employer with your personality and your overall presence during the interview will give you an edge over someone who has the right papers but has a very dull personality.

Having a great personality that is welcoming and sociable is all you need, alongside your papers.

With the above tips implemented, you can be sure that you are on your way to landing that job you really want in 2017! All the best.

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  • Bright Alhassan 9 months ago

    Please can you give us the best dress code for interview?

    • Jobs In Ghana
      Jobs In Ghana 9 months ago

      Any formal dress code is permitted unless the employer specifies

  • Philipo 9 months ago

    Well explained

  • MICHAEL BAAH 9 months ago

    Great tips! please can you do a piece on tips for writing a cover letter. Thank You

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