Post a Job


To post a job, first send a whatsapp message to +233278241696 by following these instructions:

  • Send “POST A JOB”, to the stated number above, with no pleasantries.
  • Wait for a reply, to continue from there

Note that job posts are premium services that attracts a cost of  GHC 100 for a post or GHC 500 for unlimited posts from same company within a year.


What You Get

  • Your job post will look like the Jobs posted on this platform, subject to your modifications and will reach a guaranteed minimum of 10,000 Job Seekers on our Whatsapp and Telegram platforms aside regular visits from job seekers who regularly visit our website.
  • Check Our Whatsapp and Telegram Platforms for job seekers Here Government Jobs Alert WhatsApp Group
  • For further inquiries, contact the stated number above, following the stated instructions